Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Institute

Course Overview

Creation Multimedia is introducing training in an upcoming technology, i.e., Virtual & Augmented Reality. The Diploma Program has been crafted to prepare students for the next generation Jobs.

The medium of Virtual & Augmented Reality allows the creators to develop the most innovative, engaging & productive experiences. This Technology is finding a rapid uptake in the Enterprise & Entertainment industry among other sectors of the economy.

The Students entering the Course will be under the constant guidance of faculty and mentors who are prolific practitioners of the Art & Science of Virtual & Augmented Reality.

This course is specially designed for those students who want to learn about the principles of VR-AR technology including optics, displays, stereopsis, tracking, and major hardware platforms. One needs just a little bit knowledge of programming languages experience, to get started. You will understand the physical principles of VR-AR and you will use that knowledge to create a comfortable, high-performance VR-AR application using Unity.

By the end of this course, the Student would be an entry level Professional, who has created and deployed a VR-AR application.

Course Duration - 15 MONTHS

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) technology is more like strapping a screen to your face. The image is then rendered in stereoscopic 3D and viewed through fancy lenses, tricking you into believing you’re looking at a real environment and not a screen mere inches from your eyes.

Innovative brands have been quick to dive into virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree video to find new ways to interact with consumers. From Coca-Cola to McDonalds to Marriott, top brands are creating immersive experiences that allow consumers to experience the brand in a new and memorable way.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is a bit more complex than virtual reality in that it melds computer graphics with the real world. In other words, your view of the world isn’t so much obstructed by an AR headset as it is enhanced.

Augmented Reality, or AR, is a technology that overlays computer generated content over the real-world view of a user’s device (i.e. smartphone, tablet etc) in real-time. Users can have a life-like experience with augmented objects in their environment by interacting with them as they would be real objects.

Following Modules are covered in the Diploma Program

  • Introduction to Game Design and Development
  • Introduction to Game Engine – Unity
  • Introduction to Maya
  • Interaction Design
  • Introduction to Android
  • Introduction to C#
  • Work on Android Studio
  • User Interface Design
  • Art – Animation and Dynamics
  • Art – Creative Thinking
  • Introduction to Virtual Reality
  • Creating VR Experiences & Prototypes
  • Game Programming
  • Game Physics
  • Working with Animation in Game Engines
  • Creating 2D Platformer Games
  • Designing Interface for VR
  • Navigation techniques in VR
  • Networking in VR
  • Understanding the AR Landscape
  • Sketching
  • 2D Asset Creation
  • 3D Asset Creation
  • Marker based Augmented Reality
  • AR with AR Core
  • Mixed Reality Development
  • Mobile Based VR
  • PC based VR
  • Portfolio Development
  • Game Asset Creation
  • Architectural Visualization in VR
  • Understanding the AR landscape
  • Real-Time Pre-Visualization

Job Opportunities

  • AR Developer
  • VR Developer
  • Animation Developer
  • Android Developer
  • VR - UI/UX Designer
  • AR - UI/UX Designer
  • Architectural Visualization in VR
  • Interactive Previsualization Artist

Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality Institute