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The programme covers various aspects of animation, visual effects, graphic designing, cartoons, games. The candidates learn to apply different tools and methods to create animated visuals and high-quality graphics for games, movies, television shows and extra. The VFX and post-production industry across India had a market size of over 81 billion Indian rupees in the financial year 2020, up from about 39 billion Indian rupees in the financial year of 2016.

Duration : 6 Months
Eligibility : 10 th / 12 th Passed
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India is emerging as a hub of smart and creative animation solutions for all kinds of VFX projects. Giant labels and international companies hire India based multimedia agencies to undertake their animation requirements. Beyond film and TV, animation artists are now also in huge demand in hospitality, construction and architecture, advertising, education, social work, and many more sectors.

By pursuing a reputed animation course from one of the best institutes for VFX in India, you can kick start a bright career in one of the most promising industries of current time.

Anyone with a creative outlook and attention to detail.VFX and animation is an art limitedly by the artists’ imagination and creativity. If you enjoy creating unique and captivating art, and have an interest in digital design, VFX and animation could be an excellent career choice for you.

Learning mastering animation is an exciting process, but requires extreme dedication and hard work as well. By joining one of the leading visual effects (VFX) colleges in India, you can get all-rounded mentoring to learn the skill of animation. You can explore our website to know more about our VFX course duration and fees, and opportunities as an animator.

There are many renowned, reputed, and promising visual effects (VFX) colleges in India. Some factors to consider before you choose the right VFX institute to pursue a course in animation in India are mentorship offered, courses and pedagogy, VFX course duration and fees, and placement opportunities offered to past students of the institute.

Some VFX courses in India also require you to sit for an entrance exam for animation after 12th grade. This, however, is not a compulsory procedure because most students have never learned animation before joining the course. Creation Multimedia offers admission the basis of a preliminary test to assess creativity, aptitude, and imagination of the students.

VFX is one of the top paying multimedia sectors worldwide. From independent cinema to big budget action films, movies and TV employ talented animators at high salaries. After attending a reputed institute for VFX course, salary of an animation artist depends on expertise, experience, creativity, and the brand or company they work with.

Like any other profession, animation also requires dedication, practice, hustle, perseverance. As an animator, you need to keep educating yourself about the latest technology in the industry, learn new tools, and keep experimenting with style and approach. As you get better in your craft, the salary you can earn is limitless. Animators who work on movies like Avengers, Avatar, James Bond series make almost as much as white collar corporate employees in MNCs.

A dependable VFX course in India equips you with the right skills and attitude to have a long and successful career in VFX and animation.

India has a number of institutes where students can learn how to create stunning VFX and animation design. One of the leading visual effects (VFX) colleges in India, Creation Multimedia offers a variety of courses for students to pursue. Our students have gone to work with some of the best production companies and large-scale projects in animation.

What sets us apart from other animation academies is our years of experience, well-defined course structure, excellent opportunities post completion of course, and most importantly - our mentors and trainers. Creation Multimedia is committed to providing quality animation education to all students with our highly competitive and affordable VFX course fees in India.

Technically, all you need to learn animation is a computer, a good VFX software, and the willingness to learn. But it is still a better idea to enrol in a well-rounded animation course. With excellent mentoring, and exposure to the creativity and drive of other students, you can learn VFX quickly and better.

Considering the current pandemic and self-imposed quarantine, many institutes in India are running virtually with digital classes and changed pedagogy. Instead of looking for the best VFX training institute in India, consider joining a comprehensive VFX course that offers quality education with great exposure, affordable fees, and good opportunities.

A good VFX artist needs to be well-versed with the latest technology tools and technology in animation, must be creative, and have an out-of-the-box imagination. These skills can be acquired with a dependable diploma or degree program in animation from a leading VFX academy.

Some of the best VFX institutes in India have well-defined course structure designed to equip the students with the right approach, skills, and aptitude to have a bright career in animation.

Depending upon the course duration, expertise, and institute, a reputed VFX and animation course in India can cost from INR 15,000 to a couple lakh rupees. The course fees

Creation Multimedia is one of the best VFX training institutes in India, providing all-round education and skill development in animation and VFX. You can call Creation Multimedia on +91-9225247779 to get more information about our VFX course duration and fees structure.

The four types of animation are:

1. Flipbook - It makes motion simply with pencil, eraser and a pile of drawing cushions, for example, post-it cushions. This style can be trial and inventive as you can draw anything you can consider.

2. Stop Motion - Stop motion animation utilizes puppet and physical items to make liveliness. You can begin with utilizing toys and posable dolls and catch them as photograph pictures. When photograph taking is finished, you utilize a video altering programming to gather these photographs into a moving picture video.

3. 2D Animation - 2D animation is a digital method of flipbook animation where visuals are created by drawing in software. Drawing skills are preferably required but there are a lot more convenient tools within the software help you draw faster. Animation eventually will look much smoother because you can adjust the timing of your animation easily.

4. 3D Animation – It creates animation using three-dimensional virtual space and has the potential to create realistic and aesthetically stunning visuals. With the right skills and practice, a 3D animator can render images as realistic as real-life images.

A premier VFX course in India offers in-depth understanding of the various animation styles.

VFX and animation is not limited to a course or diploma program. The art of animation requires regular and consistent practice and growth. However, you can get started on your journey to become an animator by taking up a course in animation from a reputed visual effects (VFX) college in India.

Some of the best institutes for VFX in India have a wide range of programs – from one-month introduction courses to 3/6 months diploma courses with varying expertise levels. Creation Multimedia offers diploma courses in 2D & 3D animation, architectural visualisation, app development, VFX, graphic design, and VFX.

Bollywood produces the highest number of movies every year in the entire world. Many high budget productions employ latest technology animation and VFX tools and artists to create a truly magical and immersive experience for audiences. Some of the best VFX institutes in India train their students on the top software suites used in Bollywood currently.

Animation and VFX software used in Bollywood include Maya, Blender, Adobe After Effects, Autodesk 3DS Max, Nuke, ZBrush, MudBox. These software and tools are also used in Hollywood to produce the high-end animation we love and enjoy in the massive movies.

Animation and VFX has become an integral part of entertainment and film making worldwide. While Hollywood is one of the top employers for animation, Indian animators occupy a large space in this domain. Most big production houses choose Indian animation agencies for post-production work, giving huge opportunities to Indian animators.

Other countries with great scope in animation are the USA, the UK, Australia, Japan, and South Korea. In India, after attending a reputed institute for a VFX course salary can vary from INR 40-50k to a couple lakh rupees per month.